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33rd Annual Senior Games Talent Showcase

A dance troupe of senior women ages 60 to 92 perform an optical illusion dance to Russ Morgan's rendition of the song "Dance With a Dolly" during the 33rd Annual Senior Games Talent Showcase Monday (10/7/2013) at the University Area Community Center.  The group, including dancers from left Joan Peliquin, Chris Haugsby, Midge Machado, Rose Anne Ehlert, Mary Whitlock, Diana Witt, Kathleen Rousseau, and Cathy Pacheco, have collectively been through multiple hip and knee replacements since they began practicing the dance in April under the direction of 92-year-old Edith Traina (cq) and her assistant Carmen Gutwirth (cq).  The optical illusion was created by having adjacent performers share a single pair of pantyhose.  "The games are a way for seniors to come socialize and meet new friends," Senior Program Coordinator Mary Fowler said. [Carolyn Van Houten |] (Oct. 7, 2013)

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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