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Ground breaking for Water Works Park, Tampa

Here's what that money doesn't buy — and this is by design — parking for people who want to go to the park. That's because the park is meant to be an urban park, not a surburban one. The city doesn't want to put parking on a piece of riverfront property. It will add some on-street parking nearby, and there are talks to secure spaces from the neighboring Stetson University College of Law. But Mayor Bob Buckhorn expects many of the "thousands and thousands" of people who use the park to ride their bikes or walk over from Tampa Heights. And that's because the park is meant to tie together a lot of development emerging at the northern end of downtown — the new Ulele restaurant, the redevelopment of the old trolley barn, the Heights project (headed for a major rezoning vote later this month) and a planned redevelopment of the opposite bank of the Hillsborough River. [Skip O'Rourke |] (Oct. 9, 2013)

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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