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Newt Simmons ushered in the counterculture with Out of Sight! Shop in St. Pete Beach

To those who lived through that time, "the Sixties" really means the late 1960s and early 1970s. That is when Woodstock defined a generation, the Beatles peaked and receded, and long hair on men seemed normal. On St. Petersburg's Gulf beaches, one St. Pete Beach retailer — the Out of Sight! Shop — captured the essence of the time better than anyone else. The store at 401 Corey Ave. in St. Pete Beach opened in 1968. Co-founders Newt Simmons and his wife, Anne, were both 22 and full of hope. Billed variously as a "new country store," a "psychedelic department store" and the "most incredible shop in the universe," Out of Sight! was the counterculture's Webb's City on a much smaller scale. [Photos: Times files, Out of Sight! Shop]

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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