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Other Side of the Dunes

Eric Wooten reconnected a few years ago with a buddy from the Marine Corps, and together, they’re creating an opportunity for disabled veterans to enjoy the beach. Wooten founded Other Side of the Dunes, a nonprofit based in St. Petersburg, and raises money to buy and donate custom-built, all-terrain wheelchairs. Chance Blaker, his old friend, builds them in Foley, Ala. So far, they’ve donated 11 chairs, which feature balloon tires that ride comfortably on sand. They plan to donate two more next year. Each time they give one away, Wooten said, he gets goosebumps, watching people enjoy a simple pleasure that they’d been cut off from. “We want it to be something that it might not be able to heal your body, but our idea is we are going to try to help heal the mind.”

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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