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Phinley the Shark rappels off 27-story building

The Clearwater Thresher's mascot, Phinley, rappels from the 20th floor of One Progress Plaza to promote St. Anthony's Hospital Over the Edge fundraising event in St. Petersburg. "Going over the edge was actually the easiest part, which is strange. I thought that would be the hardest part," said Dave Deas, who wore the Phinley costume. "About halfway down got really exhausting. You always have that fear in yourself that you don't think you can accomplish something. So to be able to accomplish that gives you a little bit of pride in yourself." Local members of the media and a few local sports mascots that also included D-Jay of the Dunedin Blue Jays and Thunderbug of the Tampa Bay Lightning were invited to rappel about 200 feet down. One Progress Plaza is a 27 story building at more than 386 feet. Donors who raised at least $1,000, which will benefit the hospital's Sports Medicine programs, particularly the Concussion and Prevention and Management initiative.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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