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Santa Claus Rides His Motorcycle

Lately, Santa Claus hasn't taken his sleigh to the parks and schools and other places he goes to hear children’s Christmas wish lists. Instead, he’s been riding his 2000 Kawasaki Vulkan Classic Cruiser decked out to match the holiday spirit. Truth is, Mike Kelzer is the one riding the motorcycle. He’s been playing Santa Claus for more than 16 years, including at the Oldsmar fire station and in St. Petersburg's Straub Park. A few years ago, Kelzer decided to fix up his old bike and give it ôsome tender loving care.He loves every minute. “It’s fun because you're going down the road, and you see people, they got this like depressed look on their face,” Kelzer said. “And they see me and all of a sudden they get a big smile on their face. If that smile can last a mile down the road, I accomplished something.” (St. Petersburg, Fla.; December 19, 2013) [Chris Zuppa | Tampa Bay Times]

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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