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Tampa Bay's top 50 restaurants

It was the Year of Beer. Also the year of pork belly and kale and bourbon cocktails. It was a year in which trends seemed to spread like wildfire, fueled by social media (cronut, anyone?). It was a year in which menus stated "we use local product whenever possible" and that started to mean fairly often. It was a year of red chandeliers, edgier waiter garb and more of those eerily effective Dyson hand driers. And it was a year, sadly, in which servers continued to ask, "You still working on that?" ? We lost a few beloved places (Wine Cellar, the View at CK's, St. Pete Brasserie), but all in all 2013 was a memorably good year for the Tampa Bay dining scene, both in terms of customer numbers and innovation. Across price point, cuisine and geography, here are the Tampa Bay area's top 50 restaurants, starting with the top 10 ranked by number, and the rest geographically. [Edmund D. Fountain |]

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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