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Turbulence leaves pilots up in the air

Two seaplane instructors are being banned from doing business on Ward Island, the small beach on the northeast corner of the Dunedin Causeway. Dave Myers, owner of Amphibian Air, and Charlie Floyd, owner of Duckwing Triking, will be showing us what they do (recreationally, which is allowed). - The men are being banned by Pinellas County, which owns the land, stating that (among other reasons) it does not allow for private enterprise on public right-of-way and citing county ordinance Section 60-90 (t) banning aircraft from taking off or landing on county-owned or -managed land except in cases of emergency. The consensus between the city of Dunedin and county seems to be that they may fly recreationally only but only if they launch from the water, which is free to the public. (August 7, 2014) [Video by: Jim Damaske & Narrated By: Taylor Goldenstein Tampa Bay Times ]

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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